What is Lifestyle Medicine?

My favorite way to explain it - Find your why and then figure out your how

Lifestyle Medicine adressess the root causes for imbalances, instead of covering up symptoms. Let me give you a quick example;

You see a doctor for stomach ache. If that doctor doesn't ask you enough questions about that stomachache you will likely leave the office
with a prescription for painkillers. Had the doctor asked more in depth questions there could have been multiple approaches;

- You have your period - You need a proper check-up since pain shouldn't be associated with periods.
- You have endometriosis - You need a proper check-up.
- You're constipated - Drinking more water and adding fibre to your diet will probably do the trick
- You're intolerant to a particular food - Removing that food from your diet may solve the problem.
- You've had the stomachache every day for a long time for no apparent reason - You need a proper check-up.
- You have a very stressful job  - You might have to reevaluate your job situation. 
- You are in an abusive relationship - You will have to reevaluate that situation. 
- You've been abroad and caught some parasite - You need to get rid of them.

This is a simplified list and it could go on and on. Rarely is a health issue as simple as I have portrayed here. But the point to be made is - in all of the above scenarios pain killers are a temporary relief, a bandaid, but it doesn't solve the actual situation. It doesn't look at the root cause and how to create a life that’s pain free longterm.

Lifestyle Medicine is about looking at all aspects of health; what you eat and drink, what is causing you stress,
what does your life situation look like, are you exercising the best way for you and many many other things.

As a Nutritional Therapist I don't work with disease, I work with you to create health. It's always optimal conditions for a vibrant, abundant healthy life that's at the core of what I do. My line of work is an eclectic mix of different resources depending on what you need and want. I work with diet, stress, supplements, movement, Mercier Therapy and everything else related to Lifestyle Medicine. I do testing of hormones, parasites, nutritional deficiencies, gut health, dna etc. All in order to make an individualized plan just for you. I look at you as a whole person - I don't just chase the symptoms and I don't treat disease. 

Health and wellbeing is our natural state. How do we find the way back to that? By adding what needs to be added; be it self love, nutrition, medicine, movement or anything else. There are also things that needs to be removed; toxic chemicals, stress, bad relationships, foods we're intolerant to or other things that impacts our health.

I’ll help you make changes to improve your overall health and wellbeing across a
range of health goals, conditions and concerns. One size doesn't fit all.

We need to adjust every approach to what you need. I choose to put health as my main focus. The starting point is always to figure out where you want to go and how you want to feel. What is most important for you? Where do you want to take your health and your life? From there we make a map on how to reach your goal. We figure out the root causes to why you are feeling the way you do. We adress these issues one by one and we work it out. The main focus is finding ways that work for you. It's a two way street where you and I will work together to find the best solutions. We're looking at the possibilities to be healthy, not the problems of disease. 

It’s about being your own voice of reason. To listen to yourself, to understand that you know your body best and to not let anybody else define you. This is a journey of a thousand fun and challenging and happy and crazy miles. The only thing you need to do is take the first step.