My story

Cia Lauren

Healing myself started when I began to listen to what my body had been screaming at me for years. When I went beyond the outside noise and started to find my own truth. It's been an exhausting and an empowering journey. One that's left me feeling amazed at how strong my body and my spirit really is.

I have a diagnosis of both endometriosis and PCOS, and after struggling for years to get those diagnoses and to get help to heal I finally realized that it was up to me to take charge. There was no help to get from the medical establishment. Even though I read a lot about the diagnoses and asked my gynecologists (second, third, forth, fifth, sixth opinion), surgeons and regular doctors about both tests to take and lifestyle-changes to do they were reluctant to think outside of the box. I got offered two different options; surgery and/or hormone therapy. I had to have surgery once in the beginning of my journey to remove a large cyst (endometrioma) that had encapsulated my left ovary and attached it to my pelvic wall. The endometrioma wouldn't go away on it's own, and I was in pain not just during my period but all day, every day. After surgery I was painfree for six months, and it was heaven.

But as the pain returned and I didn't want to get cut open over and over again.,
I realized I had to find a different path. 

It was a long, winding and lonely road; one with lots and lots of excruciating pain, ignorance and worry. In my book no woman should have to go through this. Pain in particular is very limiting. You never know when it's going to hit so you find yourself carrying around strong painkillers everywhere you go. Limiting your social life because pain makes you tired and worried. Limiting your sex life because the pain is so bad. Limiting your healthy habits because all you want to do is curl up in a ball and eat ice-cream. Limiting your hopes and your dreams because all you are and all you know is pain. I spent years and years keeping my smiling facade on while my insides where twisting in agonizing pain and nothing I did felt worthwhile. 


Feeling utterly devastated and completely shattered I started picking up the pieces and rebuilding myself from the ground up. Every part of myself and my life got scrutinized and I either found a new home for it or it was sent to the bin. When your body is not working you try absolutely everything to feel better. Hitting rock bottom was the only option for me to get out of my own way and start anew. The thing is - nobody told me endometriosis was chronic, so that thought never ever entered my mind. That - for me - was a total blessing. It left the opportunities for healing wide open and freed my mind to any and all possibilities.

It was a trial and error with diets, supplements, movements, different body treatments, stress reduction, and the list goes on and on. You name it, I've probably tried it. I changed my job. I cleaned out my home. I questioned every relationship; family, friends, and most importantly my relationship with myself. My pain was a learning and a deep yearning to find my own true north. 

I decided not to let it define me and limit me any more. Instead of covering my symptoms and pretending to be fine I wanted to heal the root cause of my diseases. What I have learnt is that I am not my diagnosis, and that all diagnoses are actually based in the same things; a body and a mind that's completely out of balance.

I've been pain free and well for many years now, and I am using my experience to support other women on their journeys towards healing. I've educated myself and I am now a Nutritional Therapist and a Mercier Therapist. I have taken multiple courses in Functional Medicine and I am just now starting my education to become a herbalist as well. My education continues every day, through books, lectures, info exchange with others in my field and most of all from my clients. 

I don't believe women should suffer in vain or being pat on the shoulder
because it's "women's diseases". We don't have to put up with monthly cramps,
mood swings, infertility or excruciating pain. We don't have to put up with increased risks of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and gynecological cancers among others.
It's our bodies way of telling us that something is wrong and that goes
far far beyond being a monthly nuisance.

This is my story and everyone has their own. There are a lot of women that, like myself, are not being heard and not being taken seriously. That has to stop. There is so much we can achieve together to live a life free of pain and full of promise.

An Unlimited Life.

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